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SwarpConfig Overview

Query Form

Attribute nameAttribute typeDocstringUnitVO-UCD
BACK_DEFAULTfloatDefault background to be subtracted in BACK_TYPE MANUAL mode
BACK_FILTERSIZEintSize of background filtering mask in factors of BACK_SIZE obs.param
BACK_SIZEintSize of a background mesh pixelobs.param
BACK_TYPEstrThe type of background to subtract (AUTO, MANUAL) TEXT
CELESTIAL_TYPEstrCelestial coordinate system in output (NATIVE, PIXEL, EQUATORIAL, GALACTIC, ECLIPTIC)
CENTERfloatPosition of center in CENTER_TYPE MANUAL mode deg
CENTER_TYPEstrThe way the output frame is centered (ALL, MOST, MANUAL)
COMBINEstrCombine resampled images (Y, N)
COMBINE_BUFSIZEintAmount of megabytes of buffer memory used for coaddition
COMBINE_TYPEstrThe image combination method (MEDIAN, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX, WEIGHTED, CHI2, SUM)
COPY_KEYWORDSstrString containing comma-separated FITS keywords to copy to output images
DELETE_TMPFILESstrDelete temporary image files
FSCALASTRO_TYPEstrHow to compute the astrometric part of the flux scaling (NONE, FIXED)
FSCALE_DEFAULTfloatDefault flux scale to adopt if FSCALE_KEYWORD nonexistent
FSCALE_KEYWORDstrFITS keyword containing flux scale in input images
GAIN_DEFAULTfloatDefault gain to adopt if GAIN_KEYWORD nonexistent e^- / ADU
GAIN_KEYWORDstrFITS keyword containing the gain in input images
HEADER_ONLYstrOnly create the header in the combined image (Y, N)
HEADER_SUFFIXstrExtension of the replacement header files
IMAGE_SIZEintDimensions of the output image pixel
IMAGEOUT_NAMEstrFilename of output image
INTERPOLATEstrInterpolate upon resampling (Y, N)
MEM_MAXintMaximum amount of megabytes allowed for RAM storage
NTHREADSintNumber of threads to run simultaneously during resampling
OVERSAMPLINGintAmount of oversampling in each dimension
PIXEL_SCALEfloatStep between pixels in each dimension arcsec / pixelinstr.scale obs.param
PIXELSCALE_TYPEstrHow the output pixel size is set (MEDIAN, MIN, MAX, MANUAL, FIT)
PROJECTION_TYPEstrProjection system used in output in standard WCS notation (AZP, TAN, STG, SIN, ARC, ZPN, ZEA, AIR, CYP, CEA, CAR, MER, COP, COE, COD, COO, BON, PCO, GLS, PAR, MOL, AIT, TCS, CSC, QSC)
RESAMPLEstrResample the input images (Y, N)
RESAMPLE_DIRstrPath of the directory where the resampled images are written
RESAMPLE_SUFFIXstrExtension of the resampled images
SUBTRACT_BACKstrBackground-subtract images prior to resampling
VERBOSE_TYPEstrVerbosity level (QUIET, NORMAL, FULL) meta.code
VMEM_DIRstrPath of the directory where virtual-memory and other temporary files are written
VMEM_MAXintMaximum amount of megabytes allowed for virtual-memory storage
WEIGHT_IMAGEstrList of filenames of input weight-maps obs.image meta.fits obs.param
WEIGHT_SUFFIXstrExtension of the input weight-maps
WEIGHT_TYPEstrType of input weight-map (NONE, MAP_WEIGHT, MAP_VARIANCE, MAP_RMS) meta.dataset meta.file obs.param
WEIGHTOUT_NAMEstrFilename of the output weight-map
WRITE_FILEINFOstrWrite extended information from input images to output images

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