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ScampConfig Overview

Query Form

Attribute nameAttribute typeDocstringUnitVO-UCD
AIRMASS_KEYstrFITS header keyword containing the airmass
ASTRCLIP_NSIGMAfloatClipping boundry for the second astrometric pass in standard deviations
ASTREF_BANDstrColumn name of photometric band used for astrometric reference magnitudes or one of: DEFAULT, BLUEST, REDDEST
ASTREF_CATALOGstrName of reference catalog for astrometry, one of: NONE, FILE, USNO-A1, USNO-A2, USNO-B1, GSC-1.3, GSC-2.2, UCAC-1, UCAC-2, NOMAD-1, 2MASS, DENIS-3, SDSS-R3, SDSS-R5, SDSS-R6
ASTREF_WEIGHTfloatRelative weight of the astrometric reference catalog
ASTREFCAT_NAMEstrFilenames of local astrometric reference catalogs, used when ASTREF_CATALOG is set to FILE
ASTREFCENT_KEYSstrColumn names containing the coordinates in degrees of the centroids of each source for the reference catalog(s), used when ASTREF_CATALOG is set to FILE
ASTREFERR_KEYSstrColumn names containing the major axis, minor axis, and position angle in pixels, respectively, of the error ellipses for the reference catalog(s), used when ASTREF_CATALOG is set to FILE
ASTREFMAG_KEYstrColumn name containing the astrometric reference magnitudes, used when ASTREF_CATALOG is set to FILE
ASTRINSTRU_KEYstrFITS header keyword(s) defining the astrometric context/instrument
CENTROID_KEYSstrColumn names containing the coordinates in degrees of the centroids of each source for the input ctalog(s)
CENTROIDERR_KEYSstrColumn names containing the major axis, minor axis, and position angle in pixels, respectively, of the error ellipses for the input catalog(s)
CORRECT_COLOURSHIFTSstrCorrect for colour shifts
CROSSID_RADIUSfloatSearch radius used for all cross-identificationsarcsec
DISTORT_DEGREESintPolynomial degree of each group
DISTORT_GROUPSintPolynomial group that each DISTORT_KEY belongs to
DISTORT_KEYSstrColumn names or FITS keywords (indicated by a colon prefix) containing measurements used to map astrometric distortions for the input catalog(s)
EXPOTIME_KEYstrFITS header keyword containing the exposure time
FGROUP_RADIUSfloatMaximum angular distance allowed between field centers to include them in the same group of fieldsdeg
FIXFOCALPLANE_NMINintMinimum number of detections per focal plane array required to be part of MOSAIC_TYPE FIX_FOCALPLANE statistics
FLAGS_MASKstrBinary mask applied to FLAGS column to reject flagged detections
FWHM_THRESHOLDSfloatRange of Full-Width at Half-Maximum allowed for input detectionspixel
HEADER_SUFFIXstrFilename extension of output header files
HEADER_TYPEstrType of WCS information in output header files, one of: NORMAL, FOCAL_PLANE
IMAFLAGS_MASKstrBinary mask applied to IMAFLAGS column to reject flagged detections
MAGZERO_INTERRfloatInternal zero-point accuracymag
MAGZERO_KEYstrFITS header keyword containing the zero-point
MAGZERO_OUTfloatArbitrary magnitude zero-point for output flux scalemag
MAGZERO_REFERRfloatPhotometric field zero-point accuracymag
MATCHstrDo pattern-matching of input detections with sources from the astrometric reference catalog (i.e., preastrom)
MATCH_FLIPPEDstrConsider a possible flipping of input frames during MATCHing
MATCH_NMAXintMaximum number of detections used to compute the position angle and pixel scale while MATCHing (0=auto)
MATCH_RESOLfloatMATCHing resolution (0.0=auto)arcsec
MERGEDOUTCAT_NAMEstrFilename of merged output catalog (i.e., astrometrically corrected input catalog)
MERGEDOUTCAT_TYPEstrType of the merged output catalog, one of: NONE, ASCII_HEAD, ASCII, FITS, FITS_LDAC
MOSAIC_TYPEstrType of pre-processing for mosaics of focal plane arays, one of: UNCHANGED, SAME_CRVAL, SHARE_PROJAXIS, FIX_FOCALPLANE, LOOSE
object_idoidtypeThe object identifier

The object identifier is an attribute shared by all persistent
instances. It is the prime key, by which object identity is established
PHOTCLIP_NSIGMAfloatClipping boundry for the second photometric pass in standard deviations
PHOTFLUX_KEYstrColumn name containg the flux measurement for the input catalog(s)
PHOTFLUXERR_KEYstrColumn name containg the flux error estimate for the input catalog(s)
PHOTINSTRU_KEYstrFITS header keyword(s) defining the photometric context/instrument
PIXSCALE_MAXERRfloatSearch range of the pixel scale factor used in astrometric MATCHing (e.g., 1.2 is equivalent to +/- 20% of the original pixel scale)
POSANGLE_MAXERRfloatSearch range for the position angle in astrometric MATCHingdeg
POSITION_MAXERRfloatSearch range for the position in astrometric MATCHingarcmin
REFOUT_CATPATHstrDirectory name where downloaded reference catalogs will be saved
SAVE_REFCATALOGstrSave a copy of the downloaded astrometric reference catalogs in FITS_LDAC format to REFOUT_CATPATH
SN_THRESHOLDSfloatThe pair of signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) thresholds (in standard deviations) indicating the minumum threshold for the sample of all sources and of high-S/N sources, respectively
SOLVE_ASTROMstrCompute astrometric solution in 2 passes, or just compute statistics
SOLVE_PHOTOMstrCompute photometric solution in 2 passes, or just compute statistics
STABILITY_TYPEstrType of stability of the astrometric instrument, one of: EXPOSURE, GROUP, INSTRUMENT, FILE
VERBOSE_TYPEstrDegree of verbosity output, one of: QUIET, NORMAL, LOG or FULL meta.code
WEIGHTFLAGS_MASKstrBinary mask applied to FLAGS_WEIGHT column to reject flagged detections

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