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ReadNoise Overview

Query Form

Attribute nameAttribute typeDocstringUnitVO-UCD
chipChipInformation about the chip instr.det meta.id
creation_datedatetimeDate this object was created time.epoch
instrumentInstrumentInformation about the instrument instr.obsty
is_validintManual/external flag to disqualify bad data (SuperFlag) meta.code
mean_difffloatThe mean difference between biases ADUstat.mean
median_difffloatThe median difference between biases ADUstat
observing_blockObservingBlockInformation about the observing block
process_paramsReadNoiseParametersProcessing parameters
process_statusintA flag indicating the processing status meta.code
quality_flagsintAutomatic/internal quality flag meta.code
raw_bias_framesRawBiasFrameThe RawBiasFrames used to do the measurement
read_noisefloatThe read noise measurement ADUinstr.sensitivity
templateTemplateInformation about the template
timestamp_enddatetimeEnd of valid period time
timestamp_startdatetimeStart of valid period time

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