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PhotRedCatalog Overview

Query Form

Attribute nameAttribute typeDocstringUnitVO-UCD
associate_listAssociateListAn AssociateList object
configPhotRedConfigPhotRed Configuration
datpz1SourceListBest fitting galactic photred results in a SourceList object
datpz1_namestrdatpz1 Sourcelist filename
datstarSourceListBest fitting stellar photred results in a SourceList object
datstar_namestrdatstar Sourcelist filename
extincfloatExtinction valuesmag
fluxstrName of key for flux in Sourcelist
fluxerrstrName of key for flux error in Sourcelist
magstrName of key for magnitude in Sourcelist
masterSourceListA master SourceList object
min_num_sourcesintMinimum number of detections
model_errorfloatModel errors
namestrName of the PhotRedCatalog meta.id
object_idoidtypeThe object identifier

The object identifier is an attribute shared by all persistent
instances. It is the prime key, by which object identity is established
sourcelistsSourceListSecondary, associated input SourceList objects

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