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LightCurveParameters Overview

Query Form

Attribute nameAttribute typeDocstringUnitVO-UCD
CURVEMAKER_FITRADIUSintPSF fitting radiuspixel
CURVEMAKER_REGIONstrCreate lightcurves in regionregion
CURVEMAKER_TIMECORRECTIONintApply barycentric time correction
CURVEMAKER_USMPHOT_MODEintmeasure reference frame fluxes with USMPHOT
DIFFIMA_KERNEL_MODELfloatconvolution kernel model
DIFFIMA_KERNEL_SIZEintconvolution kernel sizepixel
DIFFIMA_MASKstrMask used in diffima
DIFFIMA_MASK_RADIUSintMinimum and maximum masking radiuspixel
DIFFIMA_NORM_KERNELintUse fixed normalization factor for kernel
DIFFIMA_SAT_RADIUSintCutting radius for saturated pixelspixel
DIFFIMA_SKY_ORDERintPolynomial order for sky alignment
DIFFIMA_SUBFIELDSintnumber of subfields in x and y
GETSKY_SMOOTHING_RADIUSintMedian smoothing radius for background subtraction
object_idoidtypeThe object identifier

The object identifier is an attribute shared by all persistent
instances. It is the prime key, by which object identity is established
RECIPEstrPipline Recipe
SKYCALC_ABS_ORDERintPolynomial order for absorption alignment
SKYCALC_CENTERintGalaxy center used in skycalc mode 2
SKYCALC_FWHM_REJECTintNumber of photometric reference stars to reject due to high FWHM
SKYCALC_KERNEL_SIZEintSkycalc convolution kernel sizepixel
SKYCALC_MAX_THRESHfloatMaximum threshold for autoselect reference stars
SKYCALC_MIN_THRESHfloatMinimum threshold for autoselect reference stars
SKYCALC_MODEintMethod of photometric alignment
SKYCALC_NCHI_REJECTintNumber of photometric reference stars to reject due to high chisq
SKYCALC_NUMBERintNumber of reference stars for autoselect
SKYCALC_REGIONstrRegion used in skycalc mode 2region
SKYCALC_SKY_ORDERintPolynomial order for sky alignment
SOURCES_NUMBERfloatnumber of stars to be analyzed
SOURCES_THRESHfloatSExtractor detection threshold for stars to be analyzed
STORE_DIFFIMAGESintSave difference images
VERBOSEintVerbose level

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