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LightCurve Overview

Query Form

Attribute nameAttribute typeDocstringUnitVO-UCD
chipChipchip name instr.det meta.id
creation_datedatetimecreation date time.epoch
filterFilterfilter name instr.filter meta.id
identifierstrlightcurve identifier
instrumentInstrumentinstrument name instr.obsty
is_validintvalidity flag meta.code
lightcurvesDataObjectoutput lightcurves
logfileDataObjectlogfile of MDiaTask
logfile_curvemakerDataObjectlogfile of task curvemaker
logfile_diffimaDataObjectlogfile of task skycalc
logfile_getskyDataObjectlogfile of task getsky
logfile_skycalcDataObjectlogfile of task usmphot
maskBaseFramemask for diffima
OBJECTstrobject name meta.id
object_idoidtypeThe object identifier

The object identifier is an attribute shared by all persistent
instances. It is the prime key, by which object identity is established
process_paramsLightCurveParametersprocess parameters
reference_frameReferenceFramereference frame
regridded_framesRegriddedBaseFrameinput frames
sourcesSourceListlist of sources
sources_tableDataObjectASCII table of sources to be measured

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