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GalPhotModel Overview

Query Form

Attribute nameAttribute typeDocstringUnitVO-UCD
creation_datedatetimeDate this object was created time.epoch
D25floatDiameter at which surface brightness is 25mag/arcsec^2arcsec
D26floatDiameter at which surface brightness is 26mag/arcsec^2arcsec
D27floatDiameter at which surface brightness is 27mag/arcsec^2arcsec
dD25floatError in D25arcsec
dD26floatError in D26arcsec
dD27floatError in D27arcsec
dmu10floatError in mu10mag / arcsec**2
dmu3floatError in mu3mag / arcsec**2
dmu5floatError in mu5mag / arcsec**2
ellipsesGalPhotEllipseList of ellipses
epsfloatGlobal ellipticity (median of ellipses)
filenamestrThe name of the associated file meta.id meta.file
globalnamestrThe name used to store and retrieve file to and from Storage meta.id
GPIDintGalphot ID
GPID_inintIdentifier of GalPhotModel to be used as initial estimate (i.e. the "intable")
GPLIDintGalphot List identifier
imstatImstatImage statistics for the frame
is_validintManual/external flag to disqualify bad data (SuperFlag) meta.code
maskPixelMapFinal mask used (and written as output) by Galphot
mu10floatAverage central surface brightness within 10 arcsec diametermag / arcsec**2
mu3floatAverage central surface brightness within 3 arcsec diametermag / arcsec**2
mu5floatAverage central surface brightness within 5 arcsec diametermag / arcsec**2
NAXIS1intLength of data in axis 1pixel pos.wcs.naxis
NAXIS2intLength of data in axis 2pixel pos.wcs.naxis
object_idoidtypeThe object identifier

The object identifier is an attribute shared by all persistent
instances. It is the prime key, by which object identity is established
posfloatGlobal position angle (median of ellipses)
process_paramsGalPhotParametersProcessing parameters
process_statusintA flag indicating the processing status meta.code
quality_flagsintAutomatic/internal quality flag meta.code
sersic_dmufloatError in sersic_mumag / arcsec**2
sersic_dNfloatError in sersic_N
sersic_drefloatError in sersic_rearcsec
sersic_mufloatSurface brightness at the effective radius of Sersic profile fitted to the ellipsesmag / arcsec**2
sersic_NfloatConcentration index N of Sersic profile fitted to the ellipses
sersic_refloatEffective radius of Sersic profile fitted to the ellipsesarcsec
SIDintSource identifier meta.id
SLIDintSourceList identifier meta.id

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