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Shown: 0 rows, from project 'ALL'

SAMP: 1. Test Java 2. Connect to the hub Hub Status3. Broadcast VOTable Help SAMP

DBview-Error in: query
: query: WITH SQ10 AS ( SELECT "+PROJECT" AS "project_id",'quality view' "quality view","+PRIVILEGES","object_id",'re-process' "re-process","count","creation_date",'preview' "preview","filename","globalname","is_valid","process_status","quality_flags","OBJECT_ID$" FROM AWOPER."PixelMap+" WHERE "object_id" IN (SELECT DB_OBJECT_ID FROM AWOPER.COMMENT# WHERE CONTENT = 'KiDS-ESO-DR2_Mask-Combined') ORDER BY "creation_date" DESC) SELECT ROWNUM, SQ10.* FROM SQ10

Exception: ORA-02395: exceeded call limit on IO usage

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