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AstrometricParameters Overview

Query Form

Attribute nameAttribute typeDocstringUnitVO-UCD
associateconfAssociateConfigThe associate configuration
astromconfAstromConfigThe astrom configuration
CD1_1floatLinear transformation matrix parameter at i,j=1,1 pos.wcs.cdmatrix
CD1_2floatLinear transformation matrix parameter at i,j=1,2 pos.wcs.cdmatrix
CD2_1floatLinear transformation matrix parameter at i,j=2,1 pos.wcs.cdmatrix
CD2_2floatLinear transformation matrix parameter at i,j=2,2 pos.wcs.cdmatrix
chipChipInformation about the chip instr.det meta.id
creation_datedatetimeDate this object was created time.epoch
CRPIX1floatReference pixel in Xpixel pos.wcs.crpix
CRPIX2floatReference pixel in Ypixel pos.wcs.crpix
CRVAL1floatPhysical value of the reference pixel Xdeg pos.wcs.crval
CRVAL2floatPhysical value of the reference pixel Ydeg pos.wcs.crval
CTYPE1strPixel coordinate system and projection of first axis (X) pos.wcs.ctype
CTYPE2strPixel coordinate system and projection of second axis (Y) pos.wcs.ctype
field_errfloatGlobal position errorarcsec stat.error
filterFilterInformation about the filter instr.filter meta.id
FITERRSfloatErrors on fitted parameters(deg, arcsec, pixel), None
FITPARMSfloatDegrees of freedom of fitted parameters
gastromGAstrometricThe Global Astrometric solution
instrumentInstrumentInformation about the instrument instr.obsty
is_validintManual/external flag to disqualify bad data (SuperFlag) meta.code
MEAN_DDECfloatAverage residual w.r.t. reference catalog: DECarcsec stat.fit.residual pos.eq.dec
MEAN_DDEC_OVERLAPfloatAverage residual w.r.t. overlap positions: DECarcsec stat.fit.residual pos.eq.dec
MEAN_DRAfloatAverage residual w.r.t. reference catalog: RAarcsec stat.fit.residual pos.eq.ra
MEAN_DRA_OVERLAPfloatAverage residual w.r.t. overlap positions: RAarcsec stat.fit.residual pos.eq.ra
N_OVERLAPintNumber of matched pairs of overlapping stars arith.factor
NFITPARMintNumber of fitted parameters arith.factor
NREFintNumber of matched pairs of reference stars arith.factor
object_idoidtypeThe object identifier

The object identifier is an attribute shared by all persistent
instances. It is the prime key, by which object identity is established
observing_blockObservingBlockInformation about the observing block
preastromconfPreastromConfigThe preastrom configuration
process_paramsAstrometricParametersParametersProcessing parameters
process_statusintA flag indicating the processing status meta.code
PV1_0floatNon-linear transformation matrix Parameter value a0 pos.wcs
PV1_1floatNon-linear transformation matrix Parameter value b11 pos.wcs
PV1_10floatNon-linear transformation matrix Parameter value b110
PV1_2floatNon-linear transformation matrix Parameter value b12 pos.wcs
PV1_3floatNon-linear transformation matrix Parameter value b13 pos.wcs
PV1_4floatNon-linear transformation matrix Parameter value b14 pos.wcs
PV1_5floatNon-linear transformation matrix Parameter value b15 pos.wcs
PV1_6floatNon-linear transformation matrix Parameter value b16 pos.wcs
PV1_7floatNon-linear transformation matrix Parameter value b17 pos.wcs
PV1_8floatNon-linear transformation matrix Parameter value b18 pos.wcs
PV1_9floatNon-linear transformation matrix Parameter value b19 pos.wcs
PV2_0floatNon-linear transformation matrix Parameter value c0 pos.wcs
PV2_1floatNon-linear transformation matrix Parameter value d11 pos.wcs
PV2_10floatNon-linear transformation matrix Parameter value d110
PV2_2floatNon-linear transformation matrix Parameter value d12 pos.wcs
PV2_3floatNon-linear transformation matrix Parameter value d13 pos.wcs
PV2_4floatNon-linear transformation matrix Parameter value d14 pos.wcs
PV2_5floatNon-linear transformation matrix Parameter value d15 pos.wcs
PV2_6floatNon-linear transformation matrix Parameter value d16 pos.wcs
PV2_7floatNon-linear transformation matrix Parameter value d17 pos.wcs
PV2_8floatNon-linear transformation matrix Parameter value d18 pos.wcs
PV2_9floatNon-linear transformation matrix Parameter value d19 pos.wcs
quality_flagsintAutomatic/internal quality flag meta.code
reducedBaseFrameThe input reduced science frame
residualsstrFilename of residuals catalog stat.fit.residual
RMSfloatTwo-dimensional Root-Mean-Square (RMS) of the RA/DEC residualsarcsec
RMS_OVERLAPfloatTwo-dimensional Root-Mean-Square (RMS) of the RA/DEC overlap residualsarcsec
scampconfScampConfigThe SCAMP configuration
SEEINGfloatThe derived seeingarcsec instr.obsty.seeing
sexconfSextractorConfigThe SExtractor configuration
SIG_DDECfloatStandard deviation of DEC residualarcsec stat.stdev pos.eq.dec
SIG_DDEC_OVERLAPfloatStandard deviation of DEC residualarcsec stat.stdev pos.eq.dec
SIG_DRAfloatStandard deviation of RA residualarcsec stat.stdev pos.eq.ra
SIG_DRA_OVERLAPfloatStandard deviation of RA residualarcsec stat.stdev pos.eq.ra
templateTemplateInformation about the template
x_errfloatError in Chebychev polynomial x coefficientarcsec stat.error
xx_errfloatError in Chebychev polynomial xx coefficientarcsec stat.error
xy_errfloatError in Chebychev polynomial xy coefficientarcsec stat.error
y_errfloatError in Chebychev polynomial y coefficientarcsec stat.error
yy_errfloatError in Chebychev polynomial yy coefficientarcsec stat.error

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